Beard Hair Transplant Surgery FAQ

Beard Hair Transplant Surgery FAQ

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Beard transplants are becoming very popular. The reason is that men wish to have a more attractive facial hair look. Below are some frequently asked questions about beard hair transplant:

What is meant by facial or beard hair transplant?

The procedure demands removing the hair follicles, also called hair grafts. The grafts are unaffected by thinning from the back of the head. These hair grafts are then transplanted to the area where the beard grows.

Who is considered an idle candidate for getting beard transplanted?

Those who are not able to grow a beard are considered good candidates, besides those who have patches of non- hairy areas near the beard or mustache areas. Beard transplantation can be done on those men who have marks on their face due to an injury, cuts due to surgery or some pimple scars. The process is good for hiding the problem area from the naked eye. Those men can also have a beard transplant who wish to have an unshaven look on their chin or those who want to grow sideburns.

Is the process painful?

This process is less painful and do not cause any discomfort tot he person getting it done.

How to reduce the risk of scarring?

Scarring can be reduced when proper techniques are used in the surgery. The skin on the cheek, and chin will be able to grow hair without any injury. The only scars which result in this process will be on the donor area, at the back of the head.

When can one shave after the surgery is over?

Doctors suggest not to shave for the next 15 days of surgery. Some patients are advised for carefully trimming their hair after a week of surgery. So, it basically depends on person to person.

Please tell us about the recovery time?

You may have some blood on the area which has been transplanted. This will heal on its own within some time. Afterward, the transplanted hair will start falling off. The falling off process is normal, it is called shock loss. There is nothing to worry in this because the hair grows back on its own.

Will the transplant have permanent results?  

Yes, the results are truly permanent. The new hair will grow back and will continue to grow for many years to come. The hair will not be sensitive to balding

Is the growth rate of transplanted hair good?

The growth process is more visible in a beard hair transplant, as opposed to ahead hair transplant. Mostly the results are visible after 3 months time. All those who wish to grow their beard hair long can wait until 6 months.

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