Beard to Hair Transplant on head : Benefits, Limitation and Techniques

Beard to Hair Transplant on head : Benefits, Limitation and Techniques

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In some cases, hair transplantation can be a problem because the donor hair is in a limited amount due to excessive hair loss. This is where the beard to scalp hair transplantation has proved very helpful. In this guide, we will share the benefits, limitations, and techniques.

The Hair Transplant method has proved very helpful and effective in addressing the issue of hair loss. No doubt, hair transplant surgery has evolved a lot in the past few years and more options are being available. The qualified and competent hair transplant surgeon is suggesting the option of facial or beard hair extraction to get the quality hair for restoring hair growth.

Benefits of Beard Hair Extraction

  • This option is a great solution for patients who do not have enough amount of donor hair to cover bald spots. This is great for people who are at the advanced stages of hair loss along with poor quality donor hair. If the hair is very fine then it won’t give the desired results.
  • With the option of beard hair, it helps to give more volume which is important for proper hair growth and covering the bald spots.
  • In many cases, men do not prefer to shave their face and even if they remove it there will be no difference.
  • The bard hair is great for restoring the hair in the crown and top area as well as between other scalp hair.

Limitations of Beard to Hair Transplant

  • In some cases, men do not have enough amount of hair supply due to sparse and limited beard.
  • No doubt, the beard hair will give more volume after hair transplantation. But, there is a limitation of hair follicles per follicular units.
  • For restoring the hair in front and temples the coarse hair is not the best option.

Technique of Beard to Hair Transplant

Facial and beard follicular extraction is more challenging as compared to other procedures. The beard skin is more mobile and the hair angle is a stepper. Due to this, harvesting the hair has become popular because many other methods cannot harvest the hair properly.

What are the results like with beard to scalp transplantation?

Facial hair stays in the anagen phase for a longer time which is the growth phase. Moreover, they go to the resting phase for very less time as compared to scalp hair. It means once the hair is transplanted on the scalp they will grow there for a long time and stay in its place. The hair shaft thickness also helps in giving more volume at the transplanted site.

Bottom Line!

If you are encountering any such issue then you should schedule your consultation with the doctor to get a suitable treatment plan.

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