Is Balding Caused By Daily Hair Fall?

Is Balding Caused By Daily Hair Fall?

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Hair loss is considered to be mostly associated with men. But, the truth is that every one of us sheds hair. All of us shed around 100 hairs per day. This is a part of the normal hair growth cycle. But, when hair loss seems to be in extreme form then it is quite a stressful thing. Whether balding can be caused due to hair loss is not yet known. let us get to know more in this article. Different people try different ways of treating the same.

Some Causes and Symptoms

The length of hair is about half an inch every month. After about 3- 4months, the  hair which is in the sleeping phase tends to lose( hair is divided into different stages and the sleeping stage is one of them))

Many medications and illness can trigger balding over the whole body. Genetics can also be the reason for hair loss on the head.

Hereditary is also one of the reasons for hair loss.

Using rubber bands, rollers or similar things for long periods of time can also lead to hair loss. Dyes, bleaches, using straighteners are other things to blame for hair loss.

Hormonal imbalances like having birth control pills, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause etc can lead to hair loss

Nutritional Deficits:

Not having proper food, or dieting can also be the reason for hair loss. Not having proper amounts of Protein, Vitamins or mineral will also cause hair loss.

Women mostly do not go completely bald, but hair loss on the top of the head or temples is seen to take place. Men lose hair on temples and there is a more chance for men to lose more hair than men, but balding due to hair loss is still not confirm


The doctors will check the person’s scalp and then will look into history or any stressful events. This will help the doctor see what is going on in the life of the person affected and if anything in their life is causing the hair to lose.

A biopsy may also be taken by the doctor. The biopsy can be taken by taking a small patch of skin which has the hair follicle. After which it is sent to a pathologist to know if any autoimmune disease is the reason behind hair loss to occur.

There Are Many Sorts Of Treatments Available For Hair Loss

Hair weaves or wigs:

Wigs and hair weaves are able to either cover the head completely or can be added to the existing hair. They are very good for all those people who are undergoing any medical treatment for hair loss in which hair fall is predominant


Men are better suited for hair transplant surgery. The procedures in surgery include grafting which helps in transplanting up to 15 hair to each location. Scalp reduction helps in removing the bald skin from the scalp.

Hence, it can be said hair loss is a very common thing which can occur to anyone and also that it will take time to still prove the connection between hair loss and balding. Many more studies will be needed to prove the same.

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