Advantages of PRP after Hair Transplant

Advantages of PRP after Hair Transplant

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With the hair loss threatening to make your head bald, you will have to decide in favor of getting a hair transplant done. Before going under the knife, you would want to make sure that you have the best team and clinic at your service. That is why we recommend NRI for hair transplants. Our clinic is known for conducting hair transplant surgery in a meticulous and precise manner, yielding great results. Besides hair transplant, there are various techniques like PRP which might be used as an alternative method of treatment to ensure good hair growth after the hair transplant.

Scalp PRP

The concept of a vampire facial seems to have caught on. The technique uses the blood of the client which is injected again into the face after it is centrifuged. The blood so obtained contains plasma rich blood in the top layer. This blood is quite rich and grants a glowing look to the client. The same concept is used in PRP. The blood of the patient is extracted and put in a centrifugation machine. The blood obtained after centrifugation is platelet-rich. It holds high importance in treating the problem of hair loss. This platelet-rich blood is filled into a syringe and injected into the scalp of the patient. It rejuvenates the scalp and activates the follicles on the scalp. The technique of PRP was initially used to treat burn victims and heart patients. Nowadays it is finding extensive use in the treatment of sports injuries, beauty facials, and healing after a hair transplant.

PRP after hair transplant

It might seem odd but yes, the techniques can be used one after the other. The PRP makes the transplanted hair much stronger and better. They help the new follicles survive better leading to new hair growth. They prevent hair loss and prove beneficial even to those people who haven’t had a hair transplant.

The reason behind PRP’s success

The technique has been around for many days but its use in the facials and hair loss prevention is quite recent. It was initially used for helping burn victims heal properly. However, the advantages of platelet-rich blood were recognized by the medical fraternity and experiments on its effects on the skin and hair were carried out. The result was almost magical. The PRP blood lent a new life to the people opting for it for a beauty treatment. It is now a known fact that the technique can be used to revive hair growth in a person facing hair loss. Some people opt for the procedure instead of a hair transplant. However, if it is used after the hair transplant, then it is going to club the benefits of 2 super techniques.

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