8 Things That Are Expected After Hair Transplant

8 Things That Are Expected After Hair Transplant

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Hair loss is the most common problem faced by people as they age. But what to do if the problem starts at an early age and day by day it gets severe. In that case, hair transplantation is the best choice. Read the given topic to know what things you can expect from the procedure.

Every person wishes to have long and healthy hair. But, this is not possible in every case as hair loss problem makes the condition worse at times. Then, what you need to do? Well, do not worry as the option of hair transplant is the ideal choice which can solve the problem permanently. To make things easy for you we have mentioned certain things which you can expect after undergoing the hair transplant surgery

Cost of the treatment

The total cost of the surgery does not depend on the transplanted or extracted follicles. The important concern is how much time is spent on the treatment and effort needed to do the surgery. During the consultation, the surgeon will evaluate the problematic area. So, the surgeon will give you an idea about the cost and then the final cost will be told you after that. 

Expected Side effects

Following every surgery, there are some side effects which are expected to occur. However, they can be avoided by selecting the best surgeon as they perform the procedure with the right method and with proper medical care. 

Transplanted grafts fall out after surgery

If you notice the hair falling out then do not worry as it is giving a chance to the new hairs to grow. It might be possible they do not fall out, irrespective of that they will grow following the surgery. 

Recovery is different for every person

Well, there is no such rule that in this amount of time the recovery will be done because it also depends on how well you are following the instructions and taking care of yourself. 

Final results take time

Following the surgery, if you expect you will notice the results right away, then it is not true. The hair starts growing within 3 months in most cases if you are taking proper care. Although it takes one year for the recovery process to complete. 

Results are permanent

The best part is that the results of the treatment are permanent which means patients suffering from baldness can take benefit from this procedure. 

Additional treatment

It might be possible you have to continue taking supplements after the procedure which is like an extra precaution. This will help to maintain hair growth. 

Another session of hair transplant

In some cases, another transplant is required which is like taking an extra step to see the desired results. This is usually done after one year from the first session.

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