6 Simple and Effective Yoga Asana Can help you Tackle with Hair Loss

6 Simple and Effective Yoga Asana Can help you Tackle with Hair Loss

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Having a head full of shiny , long and flowing hair is the dream of every female but there are hardly a handful of women that can live this dream, as there are many factors physical, medical, mental and environmental that lead to hair fall and can turn the dream of every woman into the weird nightmare. There are various home remedies and some therapies that can help you to tackle with this abrupt hair shedding and among all yoga is considered as the best effective remedy that could help you control your hair fall and can give instant results.

How the yoga can work for hair loss?

Yoga asanas are considered as very effective natural remedies that can help us to fight with many health diseases and even can control the hair fall up to great extent. Let us understand how these natural exercises are beneficial for hair loss:

  1. There are some forward bending yoga poses like Adho Mukha, Uttanasna and much other help to improve the supply of blood and oxygen towards the face and head so help to stimulate the nerves of the scalp that further lead to hair growth.
  2. Some useful yoga asana helps our body in switching from sympathetic to parasympathetic nervous system as a result of which mental and physical stress get reduced and so the consequence of stress that is hair fall also get treated.
  3. Yoga asana like Sarvangasana can improve the functioning of the thyroid gland that plays an essential role in the growth of hair.
  4. There are some yoga exercises that are very helpful for relieving tension and anxiety and also improve the digestive system of the body so these are very beneficial for controlling hair fall.
  5. Some exercises are very helpful in oxygenating the body and scalp to stimulate the growth of hair.
  6. Balayam yoga is very helpful in revitalizing the hair follicles as it is nail rubbing exercise so beneficial for the follicles that are connected to nails.

6 useful yoga asana

Following are some common yoga poses that are very helpful for preventing hair loss:

·        Adho Mukha Savasana

It is the best yoga pose that could stimulate the hair growth by promoting the blood circulation in the scalp that is very helpful for the nourishment of hair follicles.

In this asana, a person is supposed to start with hand and feet with knees and hands touching the ground. The position of hands should be at 90-degree angle from knees and shoulders. Then straighten the legs by pushing the hips out and standing on your toes. Then try to push the floor with palms and keep your spine straight and then pull the hips down for coming back to normal position.


·        Uttanasana

It is the forward bending pose and is considered as best pose for flat and shaped tummy but it is also very beneficial for hair loss. This asana could improve the blood supply towards the head and can prevent the hair loss and even can work positively for improving the quality, thickness, and texture of hair.

For this pose, you need to stand with close legs and by taking a deep breath and while exhaling the breath you need to lift your hands and bend forward to touch the floor with your hands. If it is easy for you then you can also hold your hands behind your heals. You need to stay in forwarding bending position for few seconds with normal breathing and get back to normal position by taking a deep breath.

·        Vajrasana

It is a simple and easy yoga asana that can be performed by anyone. It is very helpful in improving the blood circulation in the scalp to stimulate the growth of hair follicles with improved nourishment. It is also best for weight loss as it also improves digestion.

For this yoga, you need to kneel down on the ground by keeping your spine straight and heels together. During the position keep your hands on thighs by palms facing down and take a deep breath for 1 minute; even you can stretch your legs in forwarding position. Hold the position for some time.

·        Apanasana

It is the best yoga pose to prevent the hair shedding as it is very beneficial and effective for purifying the body by flushing the toxins out from the body. Thus it is a very effective pose for relaxing the stressed muscles, especially of back and neck.

For this position, you need to lie on your back and then pull your knees in directing the chest and exhale. Further, move your legs up with your complete strength of thighs instead of arms and hold the position for few seconds. Move your legs away from your chest while inhaling and let your breath direct the movement and you should try to relax your mind with closed eyes.

·        Sarvangasana

It is top listed yoga pose for stimulating hair growth as it is the pose that helps to improve the functioning of your thyroid gland and even stimulate the blood circulation towards the brain. The thyroid gland plays the vital role for the nourishment of hair follicles so this pose is very effective for controlling the hair shedding. Even it is recommended for relieving neck pain.

For this yoga asana you need to lie on your back and then while inhaling deeply you need to raise your legs up till your toes point towards the ceiling. Put your body on rest on your shoulders and on the back of the neck and try to support your body with hands by placing the hands at the center of the spine. For this asana, your legs and spine should be straight and you need to take a deep breath and concentrate on your thyroid gland.

·        Balayam

It is the simple and easy Balayam yoga made popular by Baba Ramdev is also good for revitalizing the hair follicles as it is the simple yoga of rubbing the fingernails of both hands together for minimum 5 minutes. It is the simplest and worldwide popular yoga for hair growth

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