Psoriasis And Hair Loss

Psoriasis And Hair Loss

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Scalp psoriasis is a very common skin condition that results in reddish, raised and scaly patches. It can appear in single or several patches. In some cases, the entire scalp can get affected. This can even spread to behind or inside the ears, neck back, or forehead. Read the given topic to know in-depth regarding hair loss and psoriasis.

A scaly and silvery buildup on the scalp can be psoriasis. This condition can result in discomfort and itching. If you scratch the scalp this can make things worse and might even lead to even temporary hair loss. Getting the treatment at the right time will help you solve the problem completely.

Scalp Psoriasis

This is a skin condition that affects around 7.4 million people. The immune system affects the skin cells which result in red and scalp patches which are referred to as plaques formed on the skin surface. This condition can affect the scalp. People who face this problem develop scalp psoriasis. This can be mild or severe which can range from light scaling to thick plaque. This can appear on any part of the scalp which can be a small patch or it can cover the entire scalp.

Hair loss occurs on a Temporary basis

The psoriasis condition can result in hair loss on a temporary basis. It might even make you scratch your scalp which happens because of scaling. This can make your hair fall out. Well, the problem will be solved once you find the most effective solution. Here are a few effective tips which will help you:

  • Keep the scalp moisturized by using conditioner.
  • Use the hot tools, blow dryers, other styling tools only when needed.
  • Use hair products that have menthol in it.
  • Whenever you feel irritated you should keep an ice pack on the affected scalp.

It can become difficult to cover psoriasis when the hair is very thin.

Treating the condition of scalp psoriasis

There are various ways of treating scalp psoriasis. You need to work with your doctor as they help you get a reliable treatment plan.

In some cases when the patient does not get the treatment at the right time then it can turn out to be permanent. In that case, the hair transplant is a reliable choice. Undergoing hair transplant surgery helps to see the natural hair growth and the most reliable results.

Topical methods

This includes:

  • Creams like topical steroids
  • Sprays like clobetasol propionate (Clobex)
  • Foams like steroid foams
  • Oils like mineral oils which is applied overnight
  • Medicated shampoos which contain selenium or tar

Laser treatments

Laser treatments can also help like XTRAC lasers distribute UVB light onto the skin. To see the results it needs 4 to 10 sessions.

Oral medications

  • Methotrexate
  • Oral retinoids
  • Cyclosporine
  • Apremilast

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