Hair Transplant Cost in India


Hair transplant is life time investment for a person to restore his hair with natural look but it is too be remember that like each procedure this procedure also have price tag attached to it. Most of the people believe that this procedure can burn a whole in their pocket like all other medical procedure. However it is nothing wrong to say that quality, experience and best results demand for money but it can be made fit to the budget.

Final cost of this procedure depends on kind of procedure and surgeon choose for that means if you have chosen non surgical procedure than it will not be much heavy for your pockets but for surgical hair restoration you have to pay bit more money. But if we consider long term benefits of each procedure then hair transplant is worth and not expensive as a onetime investment for life time growing hair

If you have chosen us for hair transplant then you can get tailor made treatment at reasonable cost with non invasive surgery. Our entire team strives for natural looking results with minimum scars and discomfort. Our team of professionals is efficient enough and using advanced instrument and equipments with the state of art so that your one time investment can be life time investment for you

hair transplant procedure


We have different policy for calculating cost so that you could have treatment with best results and lower cost however the final billing of treatment depends on following factors

  • The total numbers of grafts extracted and transplanted
  • The affected area that needs to be go under treatment
  • Number of sessions required for complete transplantations
  • Nature of hair like texture, color, and other skin related conditions
  • Extent of hair loss and expectations of patients
  • Presence of irregularities in the area that is going to be transplanted
  • Method choose for hair transplantation
  • Donor area selection like head or other body parts


We ensure affordable treatment without compromising quality of treatment generally cost is calculated on the basis of total number of grafts multiplied by cost per graft. In India cost of hair transplant per graft varies from Rs.25/- To Rs 30/- means overall cost for complete hair transplant procedure can be Rs 20,000/- To Rs. 80,000/- .

However the actual cost figures for the procedure depend on centre chosen for hair transplant and its policy for cost calculation. It means we can say that cost of this procedure depends on extent of hair loss problem and choices of each individual patient.


Both the procedure are almost same but FUT being conventional method it require trained manpower and efficient team so can cost much to the patient with higher grade of baldness whereas FUE procedure cost largely depend on the number of follicles transplanted so the cost can be justified in this procedure and even the popularity of this modern method has lowered down its cost.

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