How To Wash The Hair After The Hair Transplant? Which Tips Would Be Helpful?

How To Wash The Hair After The Hair Transplant? Which Tips Would Be Helpful?

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The patients who have undergone hair transplants in Punjab do have various questions about aftercare. One of the frequently asked questions is how should the hair be washed. If you want the money spent on paying the hair transplant cost to prove to be worth it, then you need to focus on the aftercare measures. You can not hold the technician responsible for the outcomes of the procedure. It is ‘YOU’ also who is equally responsible for bringing about the positive results of the procedure. What you need to do for it is to follow every measure concerning the precautions.

But in our today’s blog, we are going to aim at the particular measure for which we are receiving so many queries and that is –

How to wash the hair after the hair transplant’

Wash After 2 Days

Do not be in a hurry to wash your hair. You are required to wait for at least 48 hours.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

You can take a body shower but make sure your hair is not going to get wet.

It’s Karma, Bro!

Have you ever mocked your wife for wearing the shower cap, now it’s your turn?

Gentle Washing for 5 days

Since you can wash your hair gently after 2 days of the procedure. But you need to make sure that you are washing your hair gently with only that shampoo which the doctor or the cosmetic surgeon has advised you to use.


When you are washing your hair, then avoid scrubbing it too hard. If you do so, then you will end up dislodging the transplanted hair follicles and thus the outcomes of the procedures will have been tampered with.

Please Avoid Using The Shower

Make sure you are avoiding the use of the shower. Instead of that, you can make use of the shower bucket and mug. Using a bucket and mug will allow your head to avoid direct pressure.

Use Lukewarm Water

The water you are using for hair washing should be neither too cold nor too warm. It should be lukewarm.

Do Not Squeeze Shampoo Directly At Your Scalp

Make sure that you are not squeezing the shampoo directly at the scalp. The best way is to squeeze out the same in your palm. Add some drops of water to it and then apply it gently to your scalp.

Wash At The Right Intervals

Do not wash your hair as per your wish. Ask doctors about the intervals at which you should wash the same.

Circular Motions At The Scalp

Do not intend to prick on your scabs in the wake of the hair wash. Make sure you gently massage them in circular motions. This will lead to their early removal.

Final Comments!

We hope that the aforementioned tips would prove immensely beneficial to you. If you are bothered by some other things, then please let us know. We shall publish a next blog in which all those queries will be resolved and we promise you that you will not feel disappointed.

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