How much is the total cost of hair transplant treatment in India?

How much is the total cost of hair transplant treatment in India?

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The hair transplant cost in Punjab depends on different factors and your surgeon is going to analyze your condition properly to tell you about the entire process and how much it will cost you. Hair Transplant in Punjab is the best option for individuals struggling with hair loss and baldness. Depending on the level of baldness you will be told about the exact amount of hair transplant you need to pay. On average, the hair graft in India costs around Rs 25 to Rs 35. With each of the hair grafts, there are around 1 to 3 hair follicles. To restore your hair follicles once and for all, the hair transplant is the best solution that works wonders. So, the Hair Transplant Cost for your condition will only be determined properly when the baldness level is analyzed, your needs are taken into considerations, and much more.

Different types of hair transplant with graft requirement

  • FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction is the procedure that gives you natural-looking results, minimal downtime, and permanent hair growth. Be it, men or women, both can choose to get this procedure done. During FUE, the hair grafts are transplanted individually to the problematic area. The average cost of FUE treatment is around Rs 40,000. When the doctor performs the initial consultation, you will get to know better about the total number of grafts required for your case.

Level Of Baldness No. Of Grafts Required Average Cost Of FUE Transplant
IIa 800-1400 21,000 to 33,000
III 1000-1600 24,000 to 36,000
III 1200-1600 27,000 to 39,000
IIIa 1400-1800 30,000 to 45,000
IV 1600-2200 33,000 to 51,000
IVa 1800-2400 36,000 to 54,000
V 2000-2500 39,000 to 57,000
Va 2200-2800 42,000 to 63,000
VI 2400-3000 45,000 to 69,000
VII 2500-3200 48,000 to 75,000
  • Dense hair transplant

With the dense hair transplant, the graft placement is done one by one on the bald area. The demand for this technique is increasing to a great extent. Being a non-invasive and painless treatment, this approach is highly used by individuals. Additionally, for creating a natural hairline this procedure works the best. One graft cost for dense hair transplant is around Rs 30.

Level Of Baldness No. Of Grafts Required Average Cost Of Dense Hair Transplant
IIa 1400-2200 42,000 to 66,000
III 1600-2400 48,000 to 72,000
III 1800-2600 54,000 to 78,000
IIIa 2000-3000 60,000 to 90,000
IV 2200-3400 66,000 to 1,02,000
IVa 2400-3600 72,000 to 1,08,000
V 2600-3800 78,000 to 1,14,000
Va 2800-4200 84,000 to 1,26,000
VI 3000-4600 90,000 to 1,38,000
VII 3200-5000 96,000 to 1,50,000

PRP treatment

The PRP treatment is great for the person dealing with patchy hair loss. During the PRP session, the platelet-rich plasma is taken from the blood and then injected into the bald patches. Through PRP, the platelets are injected into the scalp which is the major factor for hair growth. Ideally, one session of PRP will cost around Rs 1500 to Rs 3000. Usually, 2 to 3 sessions are needed to see the desired hair growth.

What are the factors which affect the hair transplant cost?

  • Total grafts needed for the transplant
  • Hair loss extent and patient expectations
  • Baldness area
  • Total session needed for transplant
  • Irregularities in the transplanted area

Schedule your initial consultation

If you are wondering what to do next or how much is your hair transplant treatment going to cost then schedule your initial consultation with our hair surgeon to know better about the entire process.

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