Mesotherapy: Helps To Achieve The Desired Results After A Hair Transplant

Mesotherapy: Helps To Achieve The Desired Results After A Hair Transplant

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Mesotherapy – Stimulating agent for cell regeneration

It is one of the minimally invasive methods that aims at emerging as a pain relief method. Over so many years, mesotherapy is considered one of the most important procedures as far as medical aesthetics are concerned.

What is the benefit of opting up for mesotherapy before and after undergoing a hair transplant?

If mesotherapy has opted before the hair transplant, then it would help the scalp:

  • To protect the existing hair
  • To thicken the hair strands
  • To have bright & Shiny hair

If the mesotherapy will be performed after the hair transplantation, then it would help to accelerate the formation of the new vessels. Not only this, but it would help the transplanted grafts with the various growth factors. It is one of the most beneficial methods that help to recover the hair rapidly which got shed after a shock loss.

Please Note: In Punjab, if you want to take up the mesotherapy along with the hair transplantation procedure, then the eventual hair transplant cost will experience a raise.

How to apply the mesotherapy?

The primary medium used for mesotherapy application is the injections. But before applying the injections, the particular area of the body is administered with local anaesthesia.

Is mesotherapy painful?

No, it is not painful at all. Before the mesotherapy, the patient is administered the pain relievers or the anaesthetic creams are applied to the skin.

What are the benefits of undergoing mesotherapy treatment?

  • Mesotherapy is recognized for protecting the hair.
  • It is a highly effective option as compared to the topical hair care method
  • Sure shot results are sure to experience if it is used against the problem of dandruff
  • It helps to preserve the natural colour of the hair
  • It provides vitality and the desired shine to the hair
  • It helps to extend the lifespan of the hair follicles
  • The hair strands do not only get thickened but will achieve a great deal of strength alongside.

Are you eligible to undergo mesotherapy?

The people who are suffering from the following hair loss problems can be considered eligible for undergoing the mesotherapy:

  • Genetic Hair loss
  • Sudden and Rapid hair loss due to diet
  • People who are having weak and worn out hair

Important Points to note

  • Age is no bar

Hair loss patients belonging to any age group can undergo mesotherapy. But it would be better if mesotherapy is performed after 18 years of age.

  • Autoimmune disease suffering patients can also be benefitted

Unlike PRP therapy, if a patient is suffering from autoimmune diseases, even then also he will be eligible to undergo the procedure.

Final Comments!

Undergoing mesotherapy before and after the hair transplantation is one of the wise decisions, as it will help to avoid the chances for the hair transplantation procedure to fail.

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