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Can I trust a hair transplant to eliminate my bald?

This is one of the many questions that hair loss and bald patients ask themselves. The fact is that hair transplant procedures are reliable and they can eradicate hair fall for good. The procedures require your own hair to be transferred from the donor area to the recipient area. Whether in FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) where individual follicles are used or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) where a strip is removed from the donor area, hair transplant procedures offer more benefits than the non-surgical methods of restoring hair.
Hair Transplant in Hoshiarpur is looked at by many female and male patients. The increasing need to look attractive and have extraordinary beauty is the leading influence for people to get hair transplant procedures. These procedures are performed by well-trained and experienced surgeons who always conduct a consultation procedure with the patient. In this, the surgeon is able to examine the patient and select the best technique to be used. Body hair transplant is also another hair transplant procedure where hair is harvested from other parts of the body like the chest, beards and the arms and then implanted into the recipient region of the scalp. Hair can also be transferred from the scalp ends and then implanted in any facial part where it is required. These surgical techniques help patients to restore hair permanently, but one must be ready to take the postoperative care and treatment seriously.
Another case in this field is the hair transplant cost in Hoshiarpur, which may vary depending on the number of grafts to be harvested. You can visit Nri Hair Transplant Centre in your city to acquire the best results in a hair transplant procedure.
Are you looking for the best hair transplant centre?
Various decisions have to be made before sitting down for a hair transplant. The best decision that a patient can ever make is to choose the right hair transplant centre and then others follow. Reasons as to why you can choose Nri Hair Transplant centre;

  • Experienced and qualified hair transplant surgeons
  • Well-trained technicians and nurses
  • Use of advanced surgical instruments
  • Perfect results in the past
  • Affordable prices
  • Maximum efforts used to reduce the visibility of the scar in FUT
  • Hair transplants without shaving your donor area
  • No pain, bleeding, and major complications
  • A consultation session is conducted to fully avail information to the patient about hair transplant techniques
  • Selection of the best hair transplant technique that will maximize the results
  • The best patient and doctor relationship
  • Open full time to handle various cases in patients
  • Different treatments available to prevent further hair loss after a hair transplant
  • Best post-operative care and treatment
  • Follow-up

FUE Hair Transplant Cost Packages

S. N.GraftsCost
1.1000 GraftsRs.50,000/-
2.1000 - 2000 GraftsRs.1,00,000/-
3.2000 - 3000 GraftsRs.1,50,000/-
4.3000+ GraftsRs.1,80,000/-*

Advance FUE Hair Transplant Cost Packages

S. N.GraftsCost
1.1000 GraftsRs.50,000/-
2.1000 - 2000 GraftsRs.1,50,000/-
3.2000 - 3000 GraftsRs.1,80,000/-
4.3000+ GraftsRs.1,80,000/-*

PRP Therapy Cost

S. N.SessionCost
1.Per SessionRs.7,000/-

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