What Are The Various Tips After The FUE Hair Transplant Treatment?

What Are The Various Tips After The FUE Hair Transplant Treatment?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In this procedure, every follicular unit is extracted from the scalp. Usually, hair follicles are removed randomly. This results in the lesser density in the donor area.

Hair follicles are removed in one time only. This procedure is mostly adopted in the small hair loss cases. This is the most advanced procedure and this is used in numbers of the hair loss cases. There is proper management of the pains and scars. There is not any kind of the stitching.

It is the essential condition that postoperative instructions should be followed properly. You have to follow the instructions for at least 10 days. Most of the surgeon gives the medication for swelling at the time of the hair loss surgery. There are some patients who experience the swelling around the surgery area like the bridge of the nose and the around the eyes. This will be gone after one week.

New hairs will be grown after the 10 weeks. So, it is essential to groom up the hairs for at least 6 months. Sometimes, there may be shedding of the original hairs and transplanted hairs are also thinner.

What are the various sleeping tips after the FUE hair transplant?

  • The first and the foremost fear that comes in the mind after the FUE hair transplant is the damage of the affected area during the sleep. But most of the surgeons less agree with this. This is happened but in the rare cases.

  • The next fear that arises this in the mind after the FUE hair transplant surgery is that you are opposed to flat on your back. The alternative is to place the pillow in the upright position. This will save your head with accidentally bumping of your head.

  • The next alternative is to place the two big pillows on both sides. This will prevent you rolling from here and there. It will be more beneficial if you place one pillow in the positions such as their arms and palms. This will provide you the more comfortable sleep after the FUE hair transplant in Phagwara.

  • Most of the surgeons suggest that patients should take the travel or the airline pillows around the neck. This support will help you the less irritation on the donor site .This will also protect your graft from rubbing against the pillow.

  • After the FUE hair transplant in India, your dermatologist will remove the bandages before going to the home. This is done to save your scalp from blockage and the excessive venous drainage. If this is not done, this will lead to the swelling in the scalp. If you want to protect your scalp from the unnecessary damage. Then remove the bandage at the proper time.

  • There are some medications that are suggested by the dermatologist in order to sleep better. For example, Vicodin is the medicine that is used to increase the sleep of the person.

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