Undergoing Hair Loss Treatment as a Cancer Survivor

Undergoing Hair Loss Treatment as a Cancer Survivor

Cancer is perhaps the scariest disease in this generation. Most people find HIV/AIDS more bearable than cancer. That is actually true since many HIV patients have lived with the disease for more than 30 years and they live a normal life thereafter.

With cancer, the future is uncertain since even after chemotherapy or radiation, there are many chances that it may rise again. One of the side effects of cancer treatments is hair loss both in men and women.

A different hair restoration approach is usually used since the normal procedures may not be effective. With all the trauma and future uncertainty, one may even be discouraged from undertaking any hair loss treatment after cancer treatment. However, Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) is a breakthrough that promises viable and normal hair growth in cancer survivors.

How does LLLT work?

A laser with a specific energy threshold also with a specified wavelength is used by the dermatologist to help one regrown hair. The low-level light therapy stimulates the hair cells, making them more active to produce more hair . The procedure is for both men and women

It requires a patient to have a consultation with the dermatologist and during this;

  • The type of hair loss must be identified

  • The level of hair loss or baldness

  • The amount of treatment rounds required

  • And whether the treatment will be effective enough to produce the needed results

How successful is the treatment

From the studies, the treatment has shown potential capabilities of helping cancer survivors regrow hair. However, there haven’t been much results so far once the treatment is done.

It would be better to say that results highly depend on the patient’s level of hair loss and the treatment cycle taken.

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