On top of the world after my BIO-FUE hair transplant

On top of the world after my BIO-FUE hair transplant

I wasn’t surprised by my sudden hair loss since we have male pattern baldness in my family. The dermatologist informed me that there are treatments I had to try out to reduce the rate of my hair loss. I tried them, but I guess it was just too late.

As I followed my hair, I came to realize that I was losing more hair follicles by day. I watched some on my pillow in the morning and others on the floor of my bathroom and this worried me the more. I met a dermatologist who suggested that I should start on Finasteride. I did so, for one year and I could see a slight change.

I now turned my eyes towards hair transplantation with the hope of stopping my hair loss. When I meet doctor Mohan, he told me that I had to take some more months before getting a hair transplant since there are possibilities that my hair might fall out again. Just in 2015, I had a BIO-FUE that gave me a perfect look that I am proud of until now. I just love the hair I have now and take extra precautions to see that I don’t lose it again.

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