How Smoking Increase The Hair Loss Problem?

How Smoking Increase The Hair Loss Problem?

Hairs are the important elements of the human body. Without hair, human personality is just like a zero number. Smoking is the bad habit and it is the very harmful for the body as well as for the hairs. If you don’t quit the smoking, then it is the essential condition to consult the best dermatologist for the hair transplant in India.

Define Nicotine?

Nicotine is the substance that is usually found from the tomato and the eggplant. Tobacco is the greatest source of the nicotine. Nicotine is the substance that is commonly found in the cigars, cigarettes’. These are the very addictive substances. People who are addicted to these substances must suffer from the various health problems.

Is Nicotine Using a Direct Cause of Hair Loss?

Prolonged use of the nicotine can lead to the various health problems. It leads to the poor health and thinning and losing of the hairs.

How Heath problems caused by the nicotine, affect the hair loss?

It Increases Blood Pressure: Nicotine is responsible for increasing the blood pressure. Blood pressure is the speed at which blood is circulated in the human body. Sometimes, this leads to the heart attacks. High blood pressure can lead to the hair loss problem because there is less supply of the nutrients and oxygen. Nutrients and oxygen are vital for making the follicle. Otherwise, there will be the problem of the greater hair loss.

Decreases the oxygen level: when you smoke, nicotine is inhaled. Carbon monoxide is responsible for reducing the circulation of the amount of the oxygen. Oxygen is essential for the hair follicles. Smoking is the major cause not to provide the required amount of oxygen to the scalp.

It ages the skin: smoking is the biggest cause of increasing the free radicals within the body. The scalp is included in the whole of the body. Radicals are the symbol of the aging.

Lower immunity: Immunity is required to stay your body healthy. Most of the hair loss is caused by the Androgenic alopecia. It is the non immune form of the hair loss. So, immunity is vital for the hair growth.

How to Cure Nicotine-Related Hair Loss?

Meditation or Deep Breathing:

With the help of the meditation and deep breathing, you can increase your oxygen level and maintain the blood pressure level. Mediation is also the great source of decreasing the stress level. When oxygen and blood pressure level is maintained properly, then there is no hair fall.

It is the fact that smoking is harmful to the human body. But the nicotine is harmful to our hairs. It doesn’t directly impact our hair but the other health issues are directly responsible for the hair loss. If you do not quit the smoking, then you will definitely suffer from the hair loss problem. This gradually increases to the male pattern baldness. At last, you will be fully bald. In that case, you can consult the best dermatologist for the hair transplant in Phagwara.

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