What is the right procedure to get back the eyelashes with the transplant procedure?

What is the right procedure to get back the eyelashes with the transplant procedure?

Eyes are the window to the person’s personality. The beauty of the eyes is incomplete without the eyelashes. Eyelashes save their eyes from the dirt, strong winds etc. There are numbers of the hospital in the Punjab that serve the best hair transplant in Punjab.

What could the loss of eyelashes:

  • There are certain congenital conditions that can lead to the absence of the various part of the body especially eyelashes.

  • Sometimes, a medical procedure such as the radiation, chemotherapy will lead to the loss of the eyelashes.

  • There are certain treatments for injuries or tumours leads to the removal of the eyelashes.

  • Trichotillomania is the condition that forces the person to pull their hairs.

  • Sometimes, eyelashes loss can be caused due to the trauma, accidents etc.

Who is the right candidate for the Eyelash hair transplant?

Following are the right candidate for the eyelash hair transplant:

  • If you are having the existing eyelash and structure of the eyelash requires the little improvement, then he or she would be the right candidate for this treatment.

  • If your eyelashes are lost due to the accident or disease, then the transportation can help you the most.

  • There are some cases when the surgery is not advisable. Those cases are active inflammation of the lid margins, underlying ophthalmic disorders etc.

  • Now let’s look at the actual method of transplanting eyelashes:

  • Following procedure is the right procedure for the eyelash transplantation:

  • Firstly donor area is matched to the hair structure of the eyelids.

  • Donor areas are normally the back of the person, scalp region of the hairs and sometimes the eyebrows.

  • This process is performed under the Local anesthesia.

  • A small surgical needle is used to puncture the eyelid. Then hair graft is placed inside the slit.

  • Each and every graft is placed carefully.

  • The single session normally takes one to three hours. In most of the cases, the only single session is sufficient to attain the desired level of the result.

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