Reasons Why I Recommend FOCUS Hair Transplant

Reasons Why I Recommend FOCUS Hair Transplant

It is good to share information about something that may help others who may be in the same situation. I approached Dr. Mohan after going bald for almost 9 years. I left the consultation room in a dilemma since I didn’t know where to start from. It is not that the doctor terrified me, but the state of my bald worried me the most.

I needed 2500 grafts, which were hardly on my scalp. Apart from that I had to look for the money needed which wasn’t available. After discussing with the doctor we came to an agreement and I got a BIO-FUE hair transplant. Why should you consider FOCUS?

Friendly doctor and staff– I was terrified, but the doctor gave me a shoulder

It’s not all about money– You will come to a favorable conclusion with the doctor regarding your hair transplant cost

Quality results– I now enjoy quality results after two sessions of hair transplant procedures. It helped me get a better density and the hair is completely natural

Hair Tips– The doctor’s hair tips have helped me keep my hair up to the standard I want it to be. Am so proud of myself

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