This is Why You Should Opt For Hair Transplantation

This is Why You Should Opt For Hair Transplantation

Studies show that hair transplantation is one of the commonest cosmetic surgeries performed in developed countries and a major reason for medical tourism in India. Hair transplantation is basically an ultimate solution to baldness as it involves transferring personal hair follicles from one region to another to recover the lost hair.

The latest hair transplantation news debut Mark Clattenburg, a former Premier League referee, who decided to undergo a hair transplant surgery after watching his bald spot multiple times on TV. The 42-year-old told the media about the intense pain and awkwardness he felt as he watched himself on screen showcasing a big bald spot.

In reality, there are millions of individuals like Mark Clattenburg, who have pondered over the ultimate solution to baldness. According to hair specialists, there are various reasons for undergoing a hair transplant procedure as explained below;

Your Own Hair is Used

With a hair transplant surgery, you won’t need to purchase a single hair strand from another person or from a hair transplant centre. Your natural hair from the donor region of the scalp or the body is carefully removed and meticulously implanted in the bald region.

The outcomes are incredibly superior, natural and commonly undetectable. Through this, your self-confidence is increased and the once-awkward moments, are transformed into zealous or jolly moments.

A Minimally Invasive Surgery

Though a hair transplant procedure is a surgery, latest hair transplant advancements are extremely friendly and risk-free. As primarily discussed, your hair transplant surgery may either be performed using the FUT approach or the FUE approach. The major cutting edge of these hair transplant approaches is the extraction processes.

With the Follicular Unit Transplantation procedure (FUT), a small-sized blade is utilized to cut a strip of hair, whereas, with the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), a micro-punch is used to extract individual hair follicles.

Though such instruments are used, the entire procedure is amiable and results in a natural hair growth.

The best hair loss/baldness treatment

The hair loss market is comprised of a series of hair loss treatment approaches, notable of them being Propecia (Finasteride) and Minoxidil. Though these treatments consist of DHT blockers, a hormone responsible for hair loss, advanced cases of hair loss can hardly respond to these treatments, leaving hair transplantation as the ultimate solution.

Absolutely better than Artificial hair (Synthetic)

Wearing wigs is only a camouflage to baldness and ain’t a permanent solution, whereas transplanting hair results in natural and permanent results. Depending on the level of baldness, a patient may undergo one or more hair transplant procedures to attain a fuller head.

Similar promising procedures like BIO-FUE are also utilized to attain optimal hair transplant results.

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