Multiply your hair by a transplant procedure

Multiply your hair by a transplant procedure

It is always a bigger and advanced technique that will produce bigger and favorable results. That is to say, a hair transplant in Phagwara will help you forget about the trauma and low self-esteem you have suffered in the past. A hair transplant is executed by an artistic surgeon to attain natural and satisfying results.

The revolutionary developments, we aim at producing the best results in a patient. A hair transplant is so far the ultimate procedure that offers permanent results. Before getting one, you will have to get familiar with the type of hair transplant the surgeon will conduct on your scalp.

FUT hair transplant

It is an original hair restoration technique where the surgeon cuts a potentially large cluster of hair from the side of the scalp, dissects it with his team in the laboratory and reallocates the hair follicles in the recipient area

FUE hair transplant

The latest minimally invasive procedure is performed by removing individual hair follicles from the donor area and implanting them in the affected region.

How to maintain the results after a hair transplant

A majority of patients have attained substantial permanent results by doing the following;

Modifying your lifestyle

It is best if you quit smoking and over consuming alcohol because they affect the hair growth cycle.


Protein rich foods are good for stopping hair loss. Consider yogurt, Omega 6 fatty acids, and eggs in your meals because they will supply the needed nutrients for restoring your hair

Caring for the hair

Apply hair oil on your scalp once in a while and massage it. Likewise, use a hair conditioner to strengthen it

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