Is Hair Donation For a Hair Transplant Possible?

Is Hair Donation For a Hair Transplant Possible?

The world of medicine, science, and technology is definitely a boom in the modern world. Take a look at the AI’s (Artificial intelligence) amazing applications and you will wonder what the future holds for us all. However, such technology advancements come with their negative and positive sides. For decades, organ transplants have been conducted around the world and the act is certainly reliable in prolonging lives. Yeah, kidneys, hearts, skin, lungs, corneas, pancreas, livers, thymus, bone marrow, and tissue have been transplanted from one individual to another and recently, the ophthalmology sphere is devising ways of transplanting an entire human eye into another person.

All these surgical procedures are definitely conducted to save lives, but did you know that a person has to become dependant on Immunosuppressants for the transplant to become successful? When it comes to the field of hair transplant one would wonder as to why person to person hair transplant (hair donation) isn’t conducted yet scientists can transfer a heart from one person to another.

What We Know So Far!

Person to person hair transplant aren’t recommended because of the possible risks including rejection. In the real sense, once the hair is transplanted in the person, it will require a blood supply and due to the person’s immune system, this hair will be rejected or fall out since it will be recognised as a foreign invader.

What about the Immunosuppressants?

Medically, Immunosuppressants carry a wide range of side effects apart from their long-term risks and this is why they are generally prescribed after organ transplants.

Hair transplants are cosmetic procedures and indeed termed as elective surgeries. One can simply do without them instead of risking his or her own life.

Other Cases of Person to Person Hair Transplants

In the 90s, a person to person hair transplant was conducted by Dr. Colin Jahoda. However, it later turned out that the scientist never transferred his own hair to his wife’s arm, but rather, dermal sheath cells from his own hair were first extracted and then transplanted on his wife’s arm.

To date, this experiment is majorly taken to be a reference in the medical world, but the procedure isn’t a baseline to recommend person to person hair transplants.

Do You Mean No Surgeon has ever tried this out?

A number of hair transplant surgeons have conducted person to person hair transplant procedures, but the results aren’t that reliable. A number of person to person hair transplants haven’t been successful or in other words, the transplanted hair is rejected by the immune system.

In other cases, person to person hair procedures have been conducted on identical twins since they have the same DNA code. However, results also vary from one procedure to another.

All in all, hair transplant procedures are widely conducted using individual hair. Opting for non-surgical treatments like Finasteride and Minoxidil to improve the donor region is recommended before a hair transplant. Other surgical approaches like BIO-FUE have proved effective in patients with severe hair loss. In the same manner, patients can also consider a second hair transplant surgery in case they desire to attain a fuller head.

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