Getting to know Hair Transplant Techniques

Getting to know Hair Transplant Techniques

Alternatives for solving hair loss and restoring one’s looks need to be taken after a serious consideration. The hair loss type and how long the results can last.

A hair transplant is seen as the best idea to restore hair in the various parts of the body. It is mainly a procedure where hair is removed from the donor area and implanted into the recipient area (thinning/ bald) to cover the patches.

The main target of a surgeon is to create natural and aesthetic results improving the hairline and creating a good density of hair on the scalp.

The hair transplant procedure

There are basically two types of hair transplant procedures one picked up on after determining the number of hair grafts needed and the predicted results. All hair transplant procedures utilize the hair on the patient’s scalp since this hair grows fast and stimulates the cells to produce more hair

The main players in hair transplant procedures are;

The donor area- everyone has got a donor area, that part of the scalp normally the sides or the back of the head where strong hair follicles are extracted. Though hair loss can attack any area of the body, hair in these regions rarely thins or falls out

The recipient site- that is the empty region of the scalp where grafted hairs are inserted into the slits made.

The techniques used

They are mainly two i.e. FUE and FUT

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In this technique, hair follicles are extracted from the donor area one by one with the help of a micropunch and also inserted into the recipient area one by one or depending on the required density.

The advantages of FUE

  • It gives no linear scars
  • Good in the case of a small affected region
  • No stitches involved and has a less recovery period
  • Hair can be implanted in different sessions
  • Improved and better natural results

The strip or Follicular Unit Transplantation

In this traditional method, hair follicles are surgically dissected from a strip of hair that is cut from the donor area. The technique provides more hair follicles and is good for the badly affected patients

Advantages of FUT

  • Takes less time
  • More hair follicles are extracted in a less time
  • Good results are obtained in 11 months
  • A good option for the severely affected patient

A hair transplant provides natural and permanent results that appear natural. The hairline is also well formed to restore your beauty and different hair treatments can be used to maintain the results. A hair transplant cost in India may sound high to many patients, but it is the best and cost-effective treatment for visible cases of hair loss. A well-trained surgeon aesthetically implants the hair to prevent further hair loss and produce astonishing results

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