FAQ On The PRP Treatment

FAQ On The PRP Treatment

Hair loss is the common problem in the men and women. There are numbers of the factors that are responsible for the hair loss. Hair loss may be due to the genetic, environmental and hormonal reasons. Sometimes, sleeping disorder, stress, and unhealthy diet may cause the various scalp diseases. All these problems may cause the temporary or permanent hair loss. If you would like to know about the reason of your hair loss, then you consult the best dermatologist of the town.

What are the various symptoms of Hair Fall?

In the starting stage, you will face less amount of the hair loss .but with the passage of the time, it will shed gradually. At the end, you will be full bald. The prime sign is the receding hairline. When you catch in the baldness problem, then it would be difficult to restore the whole of the head.

What is PRP Treatment?

PRP is the small abbreviation of the Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP is the blood sample that is taken from your own blood sample. By the technique of the centrifugation, you can also centrifugate in the other parts of the body.

Why will you go for the PRP treatment?

This is the non-surgical treatment. It has the excellent results when it is applied to the scalp. You can consult the best dermatologist for the best PRP treatment in Phagwara. PRP treatment is suitable for those people who are having thin hair with the weakened hairs. Sometimes, there is a need for the multiple sessions in order to cure this problem. PRP Treatment in India is the permanent treatment for the hair loss.

What makes you the perfect candidate for the PRP therapy?

You will not go with the PRP treatment if you fall in one of the categories:

  • If you are suffering from thyroid disease or Lupus, then you will not the right candidate for the PRP treatment.

  • Your blood is thinner, then your platelets will not work so effectively and PRP treatment is not the suitable method for you.

For how much time, you have to wait for the result?

You can see the results with the naked eyes. This requires 6 to 12 months in order to see the full head.

IS PRP effective treatment or not?

PRP treatment is suitable for those people who have bald patches and his hair roots are still alive. It is the effective treatment. It will provide you the hairs which are stronger or denser.

What are the advantages of PRP treatment?

  • PRP treatment is suitable for both men and the women.

  • This promotes the healing process of the hair and helps to improve the hair growth.

  • Moreover, these are the non-surgical treatment and have no side effects.

What is the cost of the PRP treatment?

The cost of the PRP treatment is dependent upon the goodwill of the dermatologist and it also depends upon the extent of the treatment. It starts with the cost of Rs 4000 and goes up to Rs 15000 per session.

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