Essential Key points keep in mind while purchasing the PRP Kits

Essential Key points keep in mind while purchasing the PRP Kits

Hair loss can affect any people of any age. In our society, we are seeing so many people with without hair. If you are one of them, then there is a good news for you.PRP is the new and latest technology and famous among the male and female because it is without medication and without surgery. There is different invasion procedure for the treatment of the thin hair. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) helps to promote the tissue repair and generation of the new tissue.

PRP is widely known as best treatment of hair transplant in India. This type of treatment is used in different applications like dermatology, Plastic surgery, dentistry and even for hair growth. We are providing the best PRP Treatment in India at an affordable price.

Procedure or working of the PRP Treatment:

  • There is no standard procedure that is followed for this treatment.

  • The effectiveness of this treatment lies on different injections and strategies.

  • The procedure of this treatment is based on the fact of clotting of blood. This will enhance the platelet count in the wounded area.

  • The treatment is different for different patients.

  • This treatment is based on different hair growth factor. It can be categorized as preoperatively, intra operatively and post operatively.

  • There are no commercial systems available for PRP but commercial kits have been developed.


Extracting the platelet rich plasma is the time consuming task. So for these, professional PRP kit was developed. There are numbers of commercially marketed PRP systems. These are ready to apply platelet rich suspensions. these system are differ in ability to collect and concentration in platelets. In the end, suspensions of different concentration of platelets and leucocytes are obtained.


  • Simple to use and economical: The first key point about the PRP treatment is that it should be simple and economical. one should take the package which involves all the components. There should not be extra cost of external products.

  • Easy to use: The next key element is that it should not be difficult to use. Simple process helps to save the time. It also lightens the burden of whole process like blood gathering, centrifuge and extraction of the platelet rich plasma.

  • Consistency: The third key point is the consistency. Sometimes PRP Kits are made with cheap materials. Consistency is an important element to generate the platelet rich plasma. The PRP kit must ensure and pass all the quality test.

  • Efficiency: The final step about this is that it should be efficient. Only effective PRP kit will help you the most in growing hair.

No doubt, so many kits are available in the market. But these PRP kits must be used with the prescription of the experts’ doctors. We have specialized team of doctors who provide the proper recommendations regarding the PRP kits and any other medications that are essential for the growth of the hair.

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