Why is it essential to avoid alcohol and tobacco after Hair Transplant Surgery?

Why is it essential to avoid alcohol and tobacco after Hair Transplant Surgery?

Do you smoke? Do you drink alcohol? These are the questions that come to the mind of the patients before undergoing the hair restoration surgery. What is the link between the smoke, alcohol and hair transplantation surgery in India?

Most of the physicians advise patients about the use of the tobacco and alcohol after the hair transplant surgery. This time period is varied from clinic to clinic. This is an essential to consult the hair restoration physician and asked about your specific requirements.

There are some patients for whom it would be difficult to avoid smoking and drinking for the few days. This is an essential condition that alcohol and tobacco adversely affect your grafts, so it should be avoided to the maximum extent. You can consult the best surgeon for the hair transplant in Punjab.

what are the various side effects of alcohol that may arise after the surgery?

Following are the side effects of the hair transplant surgery:

Excessive consumption of the alcohol will also increase the risk of the bleeding. As this is responsible for weak the process of blood clotting. So, it is recommended by all doctors that alcohol should be avoided at the maximum extent because it disrupts the healing process.

Alcohol has the damaging effect on the liver. This includes the impairment of the blood clotting in the liver.

What are the various side effects of tobacco after the hair transplant surgery?

Following are the various side effects of the hair transplant surgery:

Studies show that many patients who smoke have an unsuccessful hair transplant. If you consume the small proportion of the nicotine, this will lead to the poorer hair growth. Nicotine also decreases the blood flow to the scalp.

This will also be reduced the ability of blood to carry oxygen. As a result, there will less chance of the poor wound healing and also increases the chances of the infection, scarring and the poor growth.
This also affects the blood circulation. This will lead to the more risk of the excessive bleeding.
This will also reduce the blood supply to the newly transplanted follicular units’ grafts. This will also affect the elasticity of the small blood vessels.
As far as the stopping of the smoking is concerned, then earlier you will leave, better it is. If you stop smoking before the one week of the hair transplant surgery and also leave smoking for 2 weeks after the surgery, this will help you to attain the more significant benefits.
This will also increase the risk of the lung cancer, heart diseases and certain circulatory diseases. In this case, you don’t even have a chance of the hair transplantation surgery or any kind of the surgery.



Hair restoration surgery is the huge investment in terms of the time and money. If you follow the pre and post –operative instructions timely, this will help you in the healing process and you will enjoy the full head with hairs.

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