Don’t be discouraged over hair loss, there is hope

Don’t be discouraged over hair loss, there is hope

I can assure you that a majority of patients have faced extreme hair loss than you are experiencing. Whatever the case may be, hair loss is just like any other medical condition that may occur and the truth is that it is better off than cancer.

Hair loss or baldness can be treated in a number of ways that these treatments are very effective on all types of hair loss. Unlike cancer, you are assured of normal life and a happier life if you set on your on the positive factors.

What can explain hair loss?

Hair loss is also known as Alopecia and it is the sudden loss of hair on the scalp and at times, it may claim all the hair on the body. 70% of humans experience hair loss, though many may not realize it. Hair loss occurs in different grades and the treatment approaches are also different

The most popular way of treating hair loss is a surgical procedure known as hair transplantation. Not all hair loss is treated by this technique, but it is the permanent way of restoring hair in the case of patch regions or extreme hair loss.

What is a hair transplant?

It is a scientific method where hair is removed from one area (donor) and gently planted into the small incisions in the recipient (bald or patchy) area of the scalp. Looking at the great numbers of hair loss sufferers, hair transplant in India is expected to serve a million people by 2018. The sector doesn’t only serve locals that include celebrities, but also foreigners who look for better treatment procedures.fue, fut hair transplant

Which techniques are available?

There are only two techniques which include FUT and FUE from which other procedures arise

FUT technique

The Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUSS is a conventional procedure where a strip of hair is removed from, the back your scalp, dissected and the individual hair follicles are implanted into the bald region under magnification. This procedure is recommended for those with extreme hair loss and with the latest cosmetic treatment, the linear scar is blended into the skin and the surrounding hair to disguise it

The FUE technique

Known as the precious and best technique, this minimally invasive technique only requires a surgeon to use a micropunch to extract hair follicles from the donor area and later on implant them in the recipient area.


Somehow similar to FUE, the technique will allow the surgeon to perform the FUE procedure after which a strong and natural growth serum will be injected into your scalp. This natural stimulator is extracted from your blood and injected into your scalp to improve the results and speed up the healing process

Giga Session

A Giga session is a combination of all the hair transplant techniques. That is to say, FUE, FUT and body hair transplant is performed to accumulate more hair follicles for those who may need more than 4100 hair grafts

Mega session  

A Mega session is a combination of FUE scalp extraction and body extraction. It is a procedure that can help those who need 4300 or more but can hardly be attained by only scalp extraction

Body hair transplant

It is a procedure performed using FUE. It is meant to collect or fill given body parts with hair. These include the eyebrows, eyelids, mustache and the beards.

What can do to fully benefit from a hair transplant?

Follow these simple steps below

  • Get a good clinic with a well-trained surgeon
  • Let him determine the type of hair loss, hair structure, and density and so on
  • You can choose to take pictures of before and after
  • Follow the surgeon’s instructions after the surgery

Advantages of a hair transplant

  • Safe and specialized treatments
  • It is suitable for both men and women
  • You will get natural and attractive results
  • It’s your own hair used to restore hair in the affected region
  • The procedure is the best and permanent elimination of baldness
  • It is both a hair restoration procedure and as well as a cosmetic procedure

The hair transplant cost

The hair transplant cost in India is always fluctuating due to the increasing individuals seeking for the treatment. Having decided to have a hair transplant procedure, you must set aside Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 90,000 to conveniently and effectively get the procedure done. You may also spend in between the above-mentioned amount or more depending on the following;

  1. The location of the clinic

Hair transplant centres in Mumbai and Delhi tend to charge higher prices than those in less developed cities

  1. The surgeon

Prominent surgeons will charge a higher amount due to the fact that they are renowned in the city or in the country

  1. The technique used

Body hair transplants and FUE are a little bit expensive than the FUT procedure

  1. The kind of procedure

This means whether it is the first hair transplant procedure or a re-surgery

For more information about hair transpalnt surgery procedure you can watch this video:

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