A Comprehensive Study of a Hair Transplant

A Comprehensive Study of a Hair Transplant

Hair indeed is the crowning glory of a person.We all want a shining mane on our head but if we have a patchy head or baldness, it has a negative effect on one’s personality.Slowly, the feelings of a low confidence level and low self-esteem creep in.While hair loss may be due to a variety of genetic or malnutrition reasons, we should not lose hope as many medical and cosmetic techniques are available nowadays to get your crowning glory back.


If you are in the hands of an expert surgeon, you are most likely to regain your hair without any negative aftermath or hazards.


There are majorly two types of surgeries as far as hair transplantation is concerned:-

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)-This is also known as the strip method.This older technique involves cutting out, removing and transplanting hair in the form of a trip.It leaves a scar as an after effect which can be hidden by the hair itself.Another flip side is that it calls for an extensive post-surgical care routine.

FUE(Follicular Unit Exploitation)-This technique is the latest one and much in demand due to its minimum post-surgical care.In it, Small cuts are made around each donor follicle and then transplanted to the receptor or the balding area.Though it is a lighter procedure as far as care is concerned, it is heavier on the pocket.The procedure also requires more time.


1.Consider the skin and hair type

For best results and avoidance of scarring, it is better that you consult a doctor who is a deft in handling Asian skin types as the texture of skins and type of hair differ all over the world.

2.The transplant doesn’t guarantee full hair

Although the transplant will cover the balding area, it can’t guarantee full hair if the rate of hair growth in the individual is sparse. As the growth pattern differs from individual to individual, the results also vary accordingly.If the hair growth rate is scanty, you can’t expect a spurt in it after the transplant.

3.Transplanted hair equals normal hair

Transplanted hair is same as normal hair.After a certain period of time, you can oil, wash or get them treated in the same way as you would normal hair.So, get it out of your mind that forget that your transplanted hair is anything but normal.

4 Transplanted hair lasts forever

Undertake a thorough research before undergoing transplant as the hair so gained, or rather transplanted will be permanent.It’s better to be safe than sorry later.A botched up procedure might land you in trouble.

5.Post-surgical care

A lot of post-surgical care is needed in case of the strip method.

A lot of care has to be taken so as to avoid rigorous workouts and swimming for a few days.Direct exposure to sunlight is also a big no-no.Substance abuse such as smoking and drinking is also prohibited for some time.

Some period of rest and recuperation is recommended.

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