Comparison of Each Hair Restoration Clinic on the Basis of Value and Cost

Comparison of Each Hair Restoration Clinic on the Basis of Value and Cost

According to the studies, Hair transplant industry has been raised by an average of 25%. This growth rate has become unnoticeable because there is a large number of the clinics that have entered the market for the last 3 to 4 years. This leads to getting the more fragmented market and different clinics offer the different price options.

Let’s compare the value and cost of each Clinic

Let’s compare the value and cost of each Clinic

Step 1- Identify your stage of baldness.

The first phase includes the stage of the baldness. You just need to multiply the stage of baldness with 1000. These are the numbers of the grafts you require in order to restore your hairs.

The first step in considering hair transplant is to identify your stage of baldness.

Step 2- Understand the terms-a graft and a follicle.

There are the many clinics that use the grafts and follicles interchangeably. But this is just the scam. Actually, a graft may consist of 1 to 5 follicle or hairs. This is essential to charge according to the graft. The cost of the graft in the hair transplant in India ranges from Rs 15 to Rs 100. Each and every graft may be thought of having 2.50 follicles of hairs. When you are going to plan about the hair transplant, you must consider whether you are paying according to per follicle or per graft.

Step 3: Account for Graft Survival Rate

This is very vital that you are undergoing the surgery in order to get back the hairs, this is not done for the sale of the hair transplantation done. This is essential to think about the Graft survival rate. Try to always pay according to the implanted grafts as compare to grow into full thick hairs. Cost of the graft is also dependent upon the amount of the time that the grafts are just outside the body, experience of the surgeon in marinating the graft, angle of the incision. If there is the wrong incision, then graft will become useless. If you are paying according to the implantation, if it is not growing, then this will add to your cost.

Step 4: Look for Trust

There are some of the scams that will break your trust. There are some of the clinics who are charge according to the grafts implantation. They had reduced the number of the grafts implanted by just dissecting each graft into the multiple grafts. A graft can be described as up to 5 hairs. This is essential that you must choose that clinic that will not reduce the count of the grafts. If you are paying Rs.20 per graft for the 3000 grafts and only 2500 grafts are used, then you need to pay 24 per graft.

India has been growing in the hair restoration industry. We have to choose the right hair transplant at the right cost. We have been certified as best FUE hair transplant in India and we only charge on the basis of the sessions. We usually implant 3000 grafts in the single session.

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