Challenges that Hair Transplant Surgeons Meet

Challenges that Hair Transplant Surgeons Meet

We always talk about hair transplant surgeries in regard to patients forgetting the other side which is the surgeon. I am very happy to say that there are many hair transplant surgeons who are proud of their work and are very committed to meet each patient’s goals and needs. In fact, hair transplant surgeons talk openly about their work and how much they are willing to go further with it.

I read a story of a now renowned hair restoration advisor or you can call him a counselor. He had once suffered from hair loss to a point of drastic baldness and when he overcame it, he saw no reason to withhold himself back and not try to help those in the same category. Many surgeons are coming up like this, not only that they were affected by hair loss, but also because they are good at it.

However, there are many challenges that come along in any field of occupation and hair transplant is full of many challenges that are silent and only known to the surgeons. Let’s try to ponder over them;

The fact that hair transplant is a complicated surgery

A hair transplant is a surgery that involves removing hair from one region to another. A good surgeon needs to have 4 years of training in order to create natural results. Transplanting hair follicles from the body to the scalp is difficult since the body is sensitive and organs may be damaged during the process.

The public perception of hair transplant surgeons

There is a stigma in some people about hair transplant procedures and this also affects some surgeon’s self-esteem. Getting a hair transplant in India still remains a silent issue for some patients due to fear of humiliation and stigmatization.

Meeting the patient’s goals

Some patients receive the best results with only one surgery whereas others will have to get another surgery to attain the intended results. This mostly revolves around the hair type, extent of hair loss, and its qualities. There are also cases where the surgeon does his best, but only for the patient to end up with poor results.

Preserving the grafts

Many patients may not be aware that hair grafts must be preserved before they are implanted into the recipient region. Some patient’s grafts may efficiently be preserved in the chilled saline solution, whereas for others their grafts may die in a short period of time.

Cost related issues

A hair transplant cost calculator is always complicated in case a patient is badly affected by hair loss or baldness. This becomes worse in case FUE is the best option.

The cost per graft has increased the hair transplant cost in India causing arguments and misunderstandings between the surgeon and some patients.

However, hair transplant surgeons have made some patients’ lives become enjoyable once again since hair transplant is the major technique for eradicating baldness. There are other cases like botched results and humiliations that surgeons have to bear, but this has not stopped many in providing their services to countless patients.

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