Celebrities With Alopecia Areata & Those That Have Regrown Hair

Celebrities With Alopecia Areata & Those That Have Regrown Hair

The world of celebrities offers a lot that we the common people may not realize. To eliminate the line which is commonly drawn between the celebrities and common men and women, many celebrities have not kept silent on matters like alopecia (hair loss).

Georgia Van Cuylenbur, 26, is one of the Hollywood models who came out to partner with the common man and make a difference in those affected with alopecia since she has tasted the remarkable pain that the scalp disorder triggers.

The model confirmed of having witnessed immense hair loss during her early 16, and as of now, she gave up and has accepted reality. She now jokes about the wigs she sometimes rocks as she heads out, but no longer stressed the way she was.

The advent of technology has provided various means of tackling hair loss in India and all over the world. Apart from finasteride and Rogaine, hair transplant in India is another way of eliminating bald patches on the scalp.

Much as the new hair loss solutions provide hope, some patients like alopecia areata patients may have fewer hopes of regrowing their hair due to the fact that alopecia areata is described as autoimmune disorder, but some celebrities have come out and confirmed that they had once suffered from alopecia areata, but now live a happier life. These include;

Viola Davis

The Fences (2016) star is known for her strong vigor depicted in her movies and in addition, the How to Get Away with Murder actress is such a wonderful soul. Much as the star is known for her film career, she has come out recently to affirm that she previously used wigs on red carpets to cover her patchy regions of the scalp.

Tyra Banks

Beautiful as she is, the TV personality and model never escaped the terrible attack of alopecia areata. As she explained to the Wall Street Journal, the Hollywood model made it publicly known that she suffered from Alopecia Areata due to the little stress she had.

Christopher Reeve

As you enjoy the Superman movies, it is for your information that your best actor or the Superman champion has ever suffered from Alopecia areata at the age of 16. This was revealed in his autobiography, as he affirmed that he had to create time to head to a hospital and get his steroid injections to re-grow his hair.

Neve Campbell

Best known for role as Sidney Prescott in the Scream horror series, the 44-year-old Canadian actress associates her previous alopecia areata attack to the stress and numerous events that he had to endure in the past including her divorce. The beautiful actress has her natural hair once again but recalls the event as unbearable.

Sean Ward

The Coronation Street actor almost quit his appearance in the show as he terribly witnessed the patchy hair loss that was unbearable for him. The actor blames stress for the occurrence, but he later managed to regain his natural locks slowly by slowly.

Talking of the Indian celebrities, many have attained a facial transformation after undergoing a hair transplant, but it isn’t clear as to whom may have undergone alopecia areata treatment in India. The long list of celebrity hair transplant includes Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Amitabh Bachan, Kapil Sharma among others.

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