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Does FUE hair Transplant Covers My Whole head

Everyone face hair loss once in lifetime due to many factors. But sometimes it can cure itself and some people need medical treatment in order to treat their hair loss. While you deciding to get hair loss treatment, you must understand the working of all the transplant methods. Because hair transplant has 2 methods such […]

Everything About FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

FUE transplant method is additionally known as Follicular Unit Extraction and this the best method of hair transplant method. In FUE hair transplant your surgeon takes a single follicular unit from your donor area. And the donor area defines as the back of the head if you have enough growth otherwise he will collect hair […]

Hair Regrowth After Hair Transplant: How Much Time To wait?

We are living in a technology era and witnessing some amazing developments in every field, especially hair restoration. Going bald is not a thing to be ashamed of but sometimes your baldness doesn’t match your personality, you must seek for some affordable hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant procedure includes the collecting live hair follicles from […]

Does Hair Transplant Surgery Hurt?

One of the most frequently asked question by the patients is whether the hair transplant surgery is painful or not. In most of the cases, the patient does not feel pain but he or she might have little discomfort and pain. But let’s first see how the surgery is performed. Hair Transplant Hair transplant is […]

Does Hair Transplant Provide Long Term Benefits?

Hair loss is a serious problem that could be an indicator that something is getting worse with the body. Hair loss has become one of the common issues for both men and women. Hair is the most vital part of the beauty and presentation factor of a person. Most men and women always wish to […]

Pre Hair Transplant Surgery Tips

Your hair loss comes under the medical purview when you decide to get it treated medically.  Some of us may opt for non-invasive solutions such as oils, shampoos, and gels meant to show great results in the problem. Still, some others may decide to opt for invasive procedures such as hair transplant In Punjab. Sure […]

Cost Effecting Factors of Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant surgery is a surgical treatment to treat excessive and genetic hair loss. It is a totally safe and secure way to treat your hair fall. There are two methods of hair transplant, for example, FUE and FUT. In these methods, your surgeon takes hair grafts from the back of the head and then […]

Role Of Environmental Factors On Hair Loss

Nowadays, the problem of hair loss is becoming very common whether it is aged or adult. In addition to this, research has shown that before the age of 50 every person experiences this problem. On a daily basis, every person loses at least 100 strands of hairs whether you are male or female. But if […]

How To Know Your Hair Transplant Surgery Done Is Perfect?

Deciding to get a hair transplant is not easy, there are different factors and doubts come to your mind. The main thing which everyone is worried about is whether the surgery is done perfectly or not. Additionally, there are different perspective which will determine the success and what they can do to see the most […]