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Role Of Environmental Factors On Hair Loss

Nowadays, the problem of hair loss is becoming very common whether it is aged or adult. In addition to this, research has shown that before the age of 50 every person experiences this problem. On a daily basis, every person loses at least 100 strands of hairs whether you are male or female. But if […]

How To Know Your Hair Transplant Surgery Done Is Perfect?

Deciding to get a hair transplant is not easy, there are different factors and doubts come to your mind. The main thing which everyone is worried about is whether the surgery is done perfectly or not. Additionally, there are different perspective which will determine the success and what they can do to see the most […]

Read This Before Choosing Your Hair Transplant Surgeon

Many people get confused while going for a hair transplant. Their main concern is that of choosing a  good surgeon. Here are some points for you which will help you in making your choice easy. Is the surgeon an experienced one? Read about the surgeon’s qualifications and skills before booking a consultation appointment with your […]

Ideal Age to Get Hair Transplant Surgery?

Many patients in the age group of 18 – 23 years visit hair specialists for getting a hair transplant done. The doctors do not agree for people as young as 18 or 23 years old’s to get hair transplant surgery done. Doctors say that since we cannot predict about the future, how can doctors predict […]

Tips To Choose Best Hair Transplant Surgeon

There are many doubts in people who go for getting a hair transplant done, regarding the surgeon. Many people find it difficult to choose the right kind of surgeon for transplantation. Look below for getting to know some tips  for choosing the right surgeon: Selecting The Right Surgeon This is the most important point for […]

Myths About Hair Loss Treatments That Are Just Flukes

Hair transplantation is basically done as hair loss treatment. Hair transplant surgery is quite popular in every age group. Hair loss can cause due to many factors such as hormonal changes, poor diet, and stress. There are a couple of myths about hair transplant surgery-: Hair Transplantation Is Not Suitable For Older Patients This is […]

Number Of Grafts Needed To Transplant Hair

The most asked question about hair transplant is that how many grafts will be required for the procedure. The question is difficult to answer without consulting the doctor as he will examine your hairs and then will tell you how much hairs are ideal to be used as graft. If the procedure does not involve […]

Is Wearing A Hat Also Another Reason For Hair Loss?

Of course not. You may wear anything on your head, it will not lead to a hair loss. Actually, hair loss occurs due to a variety of factors out of which genetics is the most predominant. While people blame it on the exposure to sunlight, hair styling products, some blame it on the hat. The […]