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How does Quality of Water effect Hair

So, you have tried every other pill to shampoo and conditioner to stop the hair fall. Maybe you need to check the water quality. The hair loss is a common issue and there are different reasons for that. One of them is the quality of water which we have explained in this guide for your […]

Frequent Concerns towards Hair Transplant

We all are familiar with the fact that hair transplant involves the relocation of the hair follicles resistant to hair fall from the back of the head (donor area)to the balding areas on top of the head(recipient area). This process offers permanent results as the hair follicles on the donor area (usually the back of […]

What can cause hair loss in a child?

With age hair loss is a very common problem but if you start noticing the problem in a child then you might get worried. Well, there are different reasons which can trigger the issue of hair loss in a child. We are going to share the main causes that a child suffers from hair loss. […]

Everything You Must know about hair implants

Hair problems are too common these days, you may also suffer from certain hair problems such as hair loss or thinning as well. In this case, you need to visit the specialist to get the best treatment. You may need to undergo the hair transplant surgical procedure. Hair implants are additionally known as hair transplant […]

क्यों करवाया Rohit Shetty ने हेयर ट्रांसप्लांट

Hair transplant is the only solution to get rid of excessive hair fall. Most of the celebrities took this surgical treatment in life to improve their look. This treatment offers you many benefits over other hair fall treatment options. To know about the hair transplantation benefits, you must read this article. Hair loss is experienced […]

Melatonin and Hair Growth

Many people are struggling to grow their hair properly. But they are unable to grow hair faster. No doubt, there are so many products are available in the market to grow hair faster, melatonin is the best one. It is a type of hormone, that is valuable to grow hair faster without any problem. Millions […]

Why Does Transplanted Hair Fall Out after Surgery?

Undergoing hair transplantation is the most reliable and effective way to deal with hair loss. But patients have one concern whether the transplanted grafts can fall out from the scalp and what is the reason. Read the given topic to know the reason behind transplanted hair grafts being falling out. One of the common questions […]

Why Washing Hair After Hair Transplant Is Necessary?

Hair transplantation is specially designed for those who are experiencing excessive hair fall or baldness. This is a type of surgical procedure that offers you amazing results according to your condition. In order to get the best results, you need to follow all the instructions of your surgeon. Hair transplant is the best and safest […]

Advantages of PRP after Hair Transplant

With the hair loss threatening to make your head bald, you will have to decide in favor of getting a hair transplant done. Before going under the knife, you would want to make sure that you have the best team and clinic at your service. That is why we recommend NRI for hair transplants. Our […]

Hair Growth Expectations after Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is the best way to get rid of hair fall. This treatment option has two types such as FUT and FUE, both these methods offer you the best results. But you need to wait for six to 12 months. In order to understand the hair growth after hair transplant you must read this […]