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The Celiac Disease & Hair Damage/ Hair Loss

Most of us hardly know why we lose hair and this can cultivate a lot of stress when it comes to treating it. The commonest reasons as to why millions lose hair are known to be the excess DHT hormone, strict diet, prolonged stress, ageing, medications, harsh styling methods among others. Findings also confirm that […]

Is Hair Donation For a Hair Transplant Possible?

The world of medicine, science, and technology is definitely a boom in the modern world. Take a look at the AI’s (Artificial intelligence) amazing applications and you will wonder what the future holds for us all. However, such technology advancements come with their negative and positive sides. For decades, organ transplants have been conducted around […]

8 Best Foods to Prevent & Control Hair Fall

Hair in women or males is a natural gift that completes beauty. In some, it is a source of pride, whereas, in others, it is a fortune that can’t be traded. Either way, it is easier to fall prey to hair fall that can even culminate into baldness, but hey, before it attacks you, here […]

How Smoking Increase The Hair Loss Problem?

Hairs are the important elements of the human body. Without hair, human personality is just like a zero number. Smoking is the bad habit and it is the very harmful for the body as well as for the hairs. If you don’t quit the smoking, then it is the essential condition to consult the best […]