alopecia areata

Treatments available for Alopecia Areata

    Hair loss is a very common problem that affects both men and women. It might trigger an early age or the problem can occur later in life. Also, there are different types of hair loss and one of them is alopecia areata. Read the given topic as we have mentioned the treatment for alopecia areata. […]

    Can Dietary Supplements Treat My Alopecia Areata?

      Alopecia areata is the condition of hair loss in which a person may experience the patchy loss of hair and in the initial stage; it can be unnoticeable due to loss of hair in very small patches. With the passage of time, when this condition is left untreated means if the patient does not take […]

      Know What Studies Say About Focal Atrichia in Androgenetic Alopecia?

        Focal atrichia is the condition of no hair in some areas of scalp and this condition is generally related with androgenetic alopecia. In this condition, small circular area of pencil eraser areas are seen devoid of hair and biopsies of these areas show accumulation of tiny vellus hairs. Studies have demonstrated focal atrichia as common […]

        Hair Loss (Alopecia Areata) & Tooth Infection- How are they Connected?

          Did you know that there is a close link between your hair loss and the dental infections you may be experiencing? The latest studies not only recommend individuals to prioritize their dental health by having annual dental checkups, but to also brush and floss regularly to combat any possibilities of dental infections. Alopecia Areata & […]

          Celebrities With Alopecia Areata & Those That Have Regrown Hair

            The world of celebrities offers a lot that we the common people may not realize. To eliminate the line which is commonly drawn between the celebrities and common men and women, many celebrities have not kept silent on matters like alopecia (hair loss). Georgia Van Cuylenbur, 26, is one of the Hollywood models who came […]

            Can hair grow back after suffering from Alopecia Areata?

              Different questions which are automatically insecurities will supposedly run in your head after witnessing alopecia signs. Alopecia areata is commonly described as an autoimmune disorder that causes the immune system to attack its self, thereby causing circular hair patches in certain regions of the scalp or even in the entire region. As you may be […]

              Hair Fall & Alopecia Areata- Don’t wait for a bald patch

                Whenever a female notices an increment in the strands of hair that come out while showering, combing or styling her hair, panic is what feels her heart to the feet. Of course, quality hair and a fuller head are what truly defines a woman in some cases. With the enchanted levels of environmental pollution, stress, […]

                Here is what you Must know about Alopecia Areata

                  Alopecia Areata is commonly known to be an autoimmune disorder where the body immune system turns against itself and starts destroying the body cells. During the process, the hair follicles are destroyed and one will have patchy areas and with time, he or she will remain completely bald. Researchers have found that Tregs, a common […]

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