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Medications that can Cause Hair Loss

Alopecia is a condition that shows hair loss due to many reasons, one of which is medication. Such a condition is known as Drug-induced alopecia and it can influence any part of the scalp or body. The extent of hair loss depends on the dosage and duration of medication that the person is taking. No […]

Best Treatments Available for a Receding Hair Line

Almost everyone experiences hair loss once in life, which can be curable. But some people suffer from extreme hair fall or receding hairline. In this case, you must go with the best hair loss treatment such as hair transplant. This is a well-known hair loss solution, offer you permanent hair growth. Are you suffering from […]

Fact Vs Fiction: Hair Loss

Hair loss is usually experienced by both men and women once a life due to several reasons. So, you need to know and understand certain myths about the causes of hair loss. In this article, you will learn everything about facts and fictions about hair loss. There are several myths about hair loss causes, making […]

Psychological Effects of Female Hair loss

We can see many cases of female hair loss around us. Recently, many people from the showbiz industry have come out with their decades of struggles with hair loss. In this article, we aim to share the psychological aspects related to female hair loss. While hair transplant continues to be the only surgical procedure that […]

Tips to get rid of Male Chest Fat

Excess fat on the chest of a man makes him appear feminine and it causes an embarrassing situation for him. This condition in which the men show a lady like a chest is known as Gynecomastia. The condition may occur due to genetic reasons or hormonal imbalance. Although it doesn’t have any serious implications, it […]

Is it viable to have hair transplant on crown area of head?

Undergoing hair transplantation is the best way to deal with hair loss problems. The treatment is done so that the bald spot can be fixed. But, the patients need to keep in mind different things to get the crown hair transplantation. Read this guide thoroughly to understand it is viable or not. The crown region […]

Steps of Successful Hair Transplant

Hair Transplantation is considered as the best treatment option to deal with hair loss and baldness. With technological advancement, the technique has got even better and helped to get the best outcomes which are not possible with other options. In this guide, we have shared steps for successful results. So, you are planning to undergo […]

Causes of Trauma Induced Hair Loss

If you are dealing with hair loss, it could have more than one reason. Sometimes it may be just due to nutritional deficiency, sometimes due to an autoimmune condition and sometimes it might be due to trauma. Yes, trauma can trigger hair loss. In any case, you will require a hair transplant if your hair […]

How to get the ideal hair density with a hair transplant?

We have already discussed the significance of hair transplants for hair loss patients. In this post, we will throw light on the density of hair transplant surgery. Usually, surgeons can achieve a density of 30-40 follicular units/square cm. This is considered to be the ideal density. However, if the patient demands a high-density hair transplant, […]