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Causes of Hair loss at Teenage

Losing hair at an early age can be a very difficult situation to deal with. In this guide, we will discuss the main causes that why teenage experience hair fall and thin hair issue. Hair loss issue is increasing a lot and becoming more common. No doubt, male and female at a young age are […]

Why Teenage Girls Suffer Hair Loss?

Many people suffer from the issue of hair loss, even teenage girls are not an exception. But what exactly are the reasons that teenage girls are suffering from this problem. Hair loss is one such issue which is faced by many people. Even teenage girls also suffer from this problem. Dealing with hair loss at […]

Questions About FUE hair Transplant Technique Answered

Getting information about hair transplantation or any surgical method ids difficult. We all know when you want to search about something we all scroll through the internet. No doubt, it is the best way to start the search but make sure the information which is given should be 100% accurate. Here we are going to […]

Myths Busted About Female Hair Thinning

Here are some myths related to hair thinning in the female. Myth: Hair thinning issue is permanent Fact: The problem can occur due to various factors such as stress, excessive styling, unhealthy diet, or health issue. It is important to understand that not all types of hair loss are permanent. For this, you need to […]

Does FUE hair Transplant Covers My Whole head

Everyone face hair loss once in lifetime due to many factors. But sometimes it can cure itself and some people need medical treatment in order to treat their hair loss. While you deciding to get hair loss treatment, you must understand the working of all the transplant methods. Because hair transplant has 2 methods such […]

Common Reasons for Hair Loss in Women and Men

Everyone experience the problem of hair fall on a daily basis. On average, every person loses 50 to 100 strands on hair every day which is normal. But if you experiencing hair fall problem in excess than you have to get hair loss treatment. We have mentioned some common reasons for hair loss. Poor diet […]

Everything About FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

FUE transplant method is additionally known as Follicular Unit Extraction and this the best method of hair transplant method. In FUE hair transplant your surgeon takes a single follicular unit from your donor area. And the donor area defines as the back of the head if you have enough growth otherwise he will collect hair […]

Reasons why visiting hair loss specialist is important

Hair Loss can occur because of different factors. Sometimes the problem is either sudden or you may notice excess shedding of hair, in that case, you should visit a hair loss specialist. No doubt, some people might feel uncomfortable in the first place. But during the consultation, you will get to know the reason behind […]

Tips for Hair Growth

Hair is a very essential part of both men and women. Some might be very lucky they have long and voluminous hair. But for some, it needs a lot of patience and proper hair care routine so that hair looks healthy and proper. Additionally, some people experience the problem of hair loss because of different […]