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Things You Must Seek For in A Hair Transplant Doctor

Opting for hair transplant is a big decision in itself. The next big thing you must decide is which surgeon will be entrusted with the significant job of performing the surgery on you. You will have to learn to segregate the good ones from the bad ones. It will be in your interest so that […]

Hair Transplant The Best Way to Restore Lost hair and confidence

Hair loss leads to many problems such as stress, low confidence, embarrassment, and so on. If you are also suffering from these conditions due to hair fall, then must go with the best hair loss treatment. In this case, you must undergo hair transplant, that will give you desired results. Many people are suffering from […]

How Hair Transplant Can Get You Promoted at Work?

Not everyone has good look and hair as well, that’s why they are in stress because it affects their impression at the workplace. If you are one of them, then must read this article, because we are going to give you detailed information about hair transplant and how they are valuable to improve your appearance. […]

Different Types of Hair Transplant and Their Down Time

The problem of hair loss is becoming very common for both men and women. In that case, choosing the option of hair transplant is best. But it is also essential that you know about the recovery time properly. In this guide, we will tell you types of transplant and its downtime. People who are dealing […]

Why Does Scarring Alopecia Come Back?

Scarring alopecia is a condition in which the hair loss is accompanied by both inflammation and scarring. The treatment methodology followed for it includes medication to decrease the inflammation. In general, steroid injections, topical steroids,  and systemic immunosuppressive medications are used. Antibiotics may be used in special cases. Most of the time, the patient will […]

Tips to Speed Hair Growth After hair transplant

No doubt, hair transplant give you the best treatment, but you need to be extra careful after the transplantation. If you are unable to grow hair after hair transplant, then must read this article carefully. We are going to tell you about tips to grow hair faster after the hair transplant procedure. Hair transplant is […]

Is Vitamin b12 Deficiency a culprit in hair loss?

For hair growth it is essential that you should take all the necessary vitamins. This is because they make the hair strong and shiny. One of them is vitamin b12 which is needed for hair growth. In this guide, we will let you know whether your hair loss is the reason for vitamin b12 deficiency. […]

Tips to Avoid Hair loss during pregnancy

Almost every person at some point in their life experience hair shedding issue. Even during and after pregnancy women suffer from this problem. You need to manage the problem properly. In this guide, we will share some tips by which you can avoid hair loss while you are pregnant. Motherhood is the happiest and best […]

Build Up A new life with hair transplant

Hair loss is a common condition, which we all face once in a life. But some person is able to get rid of with herbal remedies, some people who experience excessive hair loss, need to go through a hair transplant procedure. Here, in this guide, you will learn each and everything about hair transplant and […]

5 Ways to Handle Heat Damaged Hair

Hair loss is one problem which people of different age group experience. This happens because of the way we treat our hair and do not take proper care. The use of hair products on a daily basis makes them weak. In this guide, we will share the ways to manage the heat damaged hair properly. […]